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Three Locations. Three Unique Experiences

Fitness and Recovery

Kids and Family Physical Education 

Wellness Lounge and Treatment Centre


Our studio concept is one of a kind and truly unique. At Tame Life Studios we are the only center in Hong Kong that provides FlexBeam classes and the entire list of AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga programs. We are focused on bringing inspiration, transformation, and fun wellness experiences to our clients to make fitness and recovery a lifestyle.

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Tame Life Fitness Studio

At Tame Life Studios, we offer an extensive list of AntiGravity® Fitness, Red Light Yoga Recovery, and Sound Healing experiences for Kids and Adults. We believe in providing the highest quality programs with international wellness products and services to deliver both compression and decompression classes. 

Tame Life Kids

The growing child desires to jump, climb, and move and this desire for motion are enjoyable for children because of their developing body awareness, proprioceptive experiences, and spatial skills. Tame LIfe Kids was built out of necessity for children to have access to high-quality physical education and healthy lifestyle practices.

red light yoga classes at tame life studios hong kong

Tame Life Wellness Lounge

Tame Life Wellness Lounge is Hong Kong's very first Red Light Yoga Recovery center. We offer daily treatments that include both Spinal Decompression Sessions, Targeted Red Light Treatments, and Unique Bodywork techniques to repair, recover, and re-energize your body and mind.

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