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Tame Life Wellness Lounge

Relax. Recover. Repair. Reenergize Your Life.

Tame Life Vitality Hub is Hong Kong's very first Red Light Yoga Recovery center that offers daily treatments that include both Spinal Decompression Sessions, Targeted Red Light Treatments, and Unique Bodywork techniques to repair, recover, and re-energize your body and mind.

Tame Life Studios is the only center in Hong Kong offering Red Light Yoga and Recovery classes, workshops, and seminars.

Learn how to use the FlexBeam as the world's first Targeted Red Light Therapy prop while moving through a soothing experience of gentile restorative yoga postures, breathwork exercises, and guided meditations.

Red Light Yoga Therapy classes are aimed at giving you the benefits of both red and near-infrared light health benefits within the comfort of a restorative yoga session.

What is Red Light Therapy:

Red light therapy (RLT) uses certain frequencies, irradiance, and energy density to supply your body with the energy it needs to heal itself and perform better.

Light therapy with a primary goal is to get your body healthy and strong so it can repair itself and overcome environmental challenges. Red light therapy has some amazing benefits. Among other things, red light therapy:

Increases muscle endurance, tone, and density

Improves cognition and lowers the risk of dementia

Boosts healing of bones, tendons, and wounds

Repairs damaged nerves

Promotes hair health and growth

Rejuvenates skin by strengthening the collagen network

Improves immunity response

Enables efficient communication of internal organs through the fascia

Regulates hormones

Helps improve and balance your mood

Enhances your weight loss efforts


The FlexBeam is designed to be applied directly to the skin. Please wear clothing that is comfortable in order to maximize the benefits of the session.

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