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Who We Are:

Tame Life Studio is for those who aren’t afraid to overcome fear. Our 75-minute classes are aimed at giving you a great upbeat, ass-kicking AntiGravity Fitness workout, while grounding you with our Red Light Yoga and Sound Healing escapes. As you learn that your progress is what makes you experience more enjoyment, we believe that to enjoy your life you must Tame Your Life. By adding more challenging aerial and suspension fitness workouts we want you to dig deeper to discover what is holding you back, to ultimately let go and enjoy your life. 


At our studio, we teach you how to get out of your head, and into your heart in our infrared Red Light Yoga and Recovery classes, allowing you to trust in the magic of your own transformation, experience moments of inspiration, and leave more connected to yourself. 


In order to Tame Your Body, you must remember that you are an adaptation machine and that your body will respond to the progression training that you give it. In order to Tame Your Mind, you must remember that you are not your thoughts, but you are what you do. In order to experience inspiration, you must remember that you are neither your body, nor your mind, but yet made up of a billion small cells, frequencies, and vibrations. 


Conveniently located in Wan Chai, Tame Life Studios in Hong kong’s first dedicated AntiGravity Fitness, Infrared Red Light Yoga Recovery, and Sound Healing studio. Featuring state-of-the-art Harrison AntIGravity® Hammocks and the FlexBeam -- Near Infrared and Red Light Recovery Technologies for giving you the combination of compression workouts and decompression recovery. 


We are a community focused on our philosophies which include inspiring people towards greater health -- Your Health Is Your Wealth. Open Up Be Free -- When you open up space in your body you open up space in your mind. Three Dimensional Movement -- Movement in all directions including upside down.  


Our classes are taught by dedicated Tame Life Coaches and Teachers who are trained to meet you where you are today, which includes working hard for a killer workout, and holding a calm space for you to do the deep transformational work in order to repair, restore, and recover. 

We introduce groundbreaking new technology and unique wellness services to that encourage the encourages growth, inspiration, and life transformation. 

Our Mission:

Tame Life is a way of being that inspires people to live healthier, happier, and inspired

Our Core Values:

Health is Wealth - Tame our physical body, mental health, emotional state, and connect to our higher self the greatest health and wealth this life can offer.


Open and Honest - Continue to uphold and raise the standard for ourselves and for our community with integrity and transparency.


Pursuit of Excellence - Always do our best, no better no less.


Show up Gracefully - Step up and be graceful under the gravity that is pulling us down.


Be the Humble Warrior - Confident and humble knowing that it is our attitude that helps us achieve our altitude in life. 


One Tribe One Vibe - Inclusivity wellness experiences for anybody, ability, age, or background as we learn how to give and grow.


Follow Our North Star - Act from your heart and remember your long-term vision. 


Long Term Goals:

Create life-changing educational spaces and transformational programs, events, and seminars that inspire people worldwide to Tame Life.

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