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Tame Life Kids and Family

Fly High. Dream Big. Vibrant Selves.

Our goal is to address the whole child by providing a curriculum that builds healthy lifestyle skills with physical exercise, and self improvement practices.

The growing child desires to jump, climb, and move and this desire for motion is enjoyable for children because of their developing body awareness, proprioceptive experiences, and spatial skills. Tame LIfe Kids was built out of necessity for children to have access to high quality physical education and healthy lifestyle practices that they can apply and learn from their home.

These activities, skills, and the feeling of personal growth are all available in the Tame Life Kids program. The physical exercises have been designed for children to discover the fun of exercises and that training the body and mind helps the grow healthy, strong, and balanced bodies.  Our healthy lifestyle practices and self improvement skills instill courage, self confidence, discipline, and gratitude in every session.

Tame Life Fitness For Kids is for children ages 5 - 12 and is taught through both our online platforms and at our live studio.  It is recommended that the child goes through the entire 12 part video series, participating in one exercise per week. 

Childhood education specialists support consistency in activities, allowing time for children to form communities and become comfortable with the material; repetition is the mother of skill. 

Each class builds on the previous week’s practice to promote cardio conditioning, core strength building, and healthy lifestyle practices, while learning the power of stillness and focus.

Weather in the live classroom, or on our online web platforms Tame Life Kids aims to provide a safe atmosphere for children to explore and overcome their own physical and mental boundaries. Tame Life Kids  is appropriate for all levels of experience.

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